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About the Artist



Amy is a fluid and abstract aerial-scape artist who creates a visual experience of “stepping into liquid”, as if you just stepped into the warm crystal gulf waters, waves repeatedly washing over your feet, invoking a sense of peace and tranquility. Although born in Charlotte, North Carolina, Amy’s family moved throughout the southeast before finally settling in the Panhandle of Florida along the Emerald Coast. Since her first visit to the sugar white sandy beaches and warm crystal clear waters that make up the Emerald Coast, Amy has fallen in love with the beautiful rich vibrant colors and textures of the natural coastal features and wildlife, the dewy salt air, and most of all, the friendly people that reside in South Walton. Amy’s art is inspired by the South Walton beaches and her travels to such beautiful places as Australia and the British Virgin Islands, where the colorful landscapes and ocean-scapes are frequently depicted in her work.



Self-taught, a former Speech-Language Pathologist, Amy realized her creative passion following a long recovery from an illness that had her home bound for months at a time. Although she was unable to work, she felt compelled to express her thoughts and feelings of the awe of the beauty in which the area she lives in the form of abstracts of colors, opening up a creativity that had been hidden deep within her, officially starting her artistic career later in life. She bought a few small canvases and acrylic paint and began to experiment. She discovered very quickly she is drawn to the fluid form of abstract art, particularly resin and inks, in which she is able to create in the moment. “It allows me to create from my soul, moving the colors in the direction my emotions and thoughts flow from at that moment.” Her resin paintings reflect a liquid glass-like appearance which she builds layers upon layers to create multi-textural depth and an interplay of various colors that seamlessly flow over one another.



“I melt into the visual experience of fluid art. The way one color seamlessly molds into another creating a soft flowing path for my soul to float from one enchanting place to another experiencing blessings of little bits of heaven here on Earth.”

Alone in her studio, Amy is at peace and feels at ease with the process of her creations. She truly enjoys the process of layering a seamless flow of medium that allows a textured appearance and vivid transparent colors so brilliant they seem to burst with an energy like that of a wave crashing onto a sandbar or calms the soul with the same serenity felt by the sounds of the ocean waves gently dancing along the shoreline. Amy’s creativity is ever changing, pulling from the world around her with distinct influences from the many lovingly strong friends and family that surround her.